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Are you or were you ever proud to be an American?

In considering this and similar questions I am often left in a sort of a dichotomy. On one side it seems like a legitimate question, but on the other side, I am an American by chance and not by choice and I wonder if the question is even relevant. Of course if you are a Fundamentalist Christian that believes in Divine Intervention as to where you are born this would be nonsensical to you.

A point of clarification for those purists out there. When I say American, I mean specifically, “Citizen of the United States of America” and when I say America, I mean specifically, “The United States of America.”

But back to the original question, "Are you or were you ever proud to be an American?"

I grew up during WW2 and I believe they America did a number of good things during and immediately after that period. Things like the Marshall Plan, the desegregation of the schools and the military as well as the military intervention in Korea are all things that I am proud of. Of course this begs the question of why desegregation was ever necessary in the first place. But all and all I am proud of America for its actions during this period.

My proudness began to become unraveled at about the end of this period. First we blew our opportunity in Korea, we had the capability to win the Korean war, but America failed in the will department. I won't go into what I think we should have done, but would be willing to start a thread on that subject if there is an interest. After that, America did many things that I am not at all proud of. (Alright I ended a sentence with a preposition, so sue me!) They screwed up the Vietnam War and then treated the veterans of that war like shit. Don't blame the veterans, the government screwed it up! Then there was Nixon, several government scandals, some really stupid wars, the take over of the government by the Rich, the destruction of the economy by the greedy (you may substitute Rich here if you wish), and then practically everything the latest Bush did, including at least one illegal war, the total abrogation of the the Geneva Convention and the abrogation of the U. S. Constitution.

I certainly am not Proud of America as it now stands, I don't know if that will change after the Oboma puts his mark on it or not. Iremos a ver!

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