jakeinhartsel (jakeinhartsel) wrote,

The Generation Gap (Aimed at Drieux, but not exclusively)

This generation thingee seems to be effecting me in interpreting posts in this venue.

It appears to me if one of the younger set such as the drueixer wants to relive his youth he grabs a copy of  "The hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy" (HGG 4 simpicity).  Now when I want to do that I usually pick up one of two books, both by Bradbury, "Dandaline Wine" or "Something Wicked This Way Comes."  Both of which describe life, more or less, when i grew up.  HGG is fairly good satire even though a lot of things are unduly obfuscated.  Or in other words, weird simply for the sake of being weird, or is this the way that it was when you younger folks grew up?  I noticed more than just a little of that sort of ting in North Beach during the Beatnik thingy.  So is that what you remember from your youth, or could it be the drugs which were about in that time period.  As I remember from a forum long ago and far away, the druxter spent at least a part of his youth in a place that was then hardly wierd for the sake of wierd.

So is there any hope for me?  Will I get a glimmering of this reality as seen through the eyes of you young folks or ought I to just go out on the Porch and sit in a rocker and try to whittle sticks into something recognizable as something other than sticks.

Tags: new+age+confusion

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